5 Latest New Gadgets 2023 2024 in India Uk USA Philipines Singapore Australia

5 Latest Best New Gadgets 2023 2024 in India Uk USA Philipines Singapore Nigeria Srilanka Australia for gifts to your friends, family, relatives to surprise with.

1. Floating Bluetooth Speaker


This spinning Floating or Levitating Bluetooth speaker above a magnetic base can produce 3D surround effect with smartphone or tablet connected to it via Bluetooth function that can pair automatically. This would be an awesome Amazing Best Gift for friends, family, relatives who loves to hear music and the levitation adds up futuristic touch and interest.

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2. Frog Shaped Egg Yolk Separator


Do you want to separate egg yolk from egg white solution? Then this Frog shaped Egg Yolk Separator is the perfect gadget for that job. Squeeze the frog with your hand, Gently bring its lips to the yolk, Release to swallow the yolk, Squeeze again to another bowl to release. So cool and innovative Kitchen Gadget! that generates interests in kids and children to watch and do it.

Buy or Know more about Frog Shaped Egg Yolk Separator --- https://amzn.to/2RjV5sO

3. Smart Thermometer

smart digital thermometer india canda usa uk poland sweden ireland
This Portable Smart Thermometer helps to get an accurate temperature reading via your smartphone that automatically remembers your illness history and helps with guidance to take action when symptoms or cause for concern.

smart thermometer india uk usa philipines singapore nigeria srilanka australia

This would be a much-appreciated best Cool Gadget Gift for adults having children and for peoples who are much concerned about there health.

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4. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane


Do your kids love flying paper aeroplanes or interested in cool toys? Then this smartphone-controlled paper aeroplane will definitely bring smile and joy to them. Just make a flying paper airplane and attach this motor gadget to it to get longer flight duration around 10minutes.


Fly this paper plane drone wherever you please as it's equipped with Bluetooth technology controlling directions and speed with Smartphone. This would be a perfect gift for childrens, kids, friends who might like it. This latest new gadget can be given as Christmas gift, Birthday gift to them.

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5. Multipurpose USB Charging Port Laptop Bag


This is not just an ordinary bag! This Multipurpose Laptop bag has features like USB charging port for mobile phones and other gadgets. Anti-theft hidden zipper, Night reflective strips, waterproof capability and lots of inner multi-compartment pockets to store your valuables. This would be a perfect gift for the busy laptop using workers, travellers, camping peoples protecting their valuables from the rain. 

Buy or Know more about Multipurpose USB Charging Laptop bag --- https://amzn.to/3zfqH8S





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