Carbon - The Invisible Slow Killer of Earth and Humans, Remedies

 Carbon - The Invisible Slow Killer of Earth and Humans

Yes, Carbon the invisible wild animal is now hunting the earth and it's biodiversity. Who let this animal  out? Disappointingly we humans are the culprit!!!. Inappropriate human activities and pollutant actions are starting to dig our own graves. 

Earth is healthy only if it's biodiversity is healthy. And what we do is destroying the biodiversity day by day. Biodiversity has a major role in reducing the carbon in the atmosphere. For greed for money and other convenience we are all feeding this animal to grow year by year.

Lets us see the chart showing how the atmospheric CO2 Level is steadily increasing year by year 

carbon in the atmosphere graph 2020 2021
That's really horrifying. It's just took it 40 years to become dominant and cover up to 410 parts per million of the atmosphere. No wonder why the global temperature is increasing. More presence of carbon more amount of heat is absorbed in the atmosphere. Hence why the ice starting to melt at polar regions. How many years human race can exist if this goes on?

Now lets see the reasons for increase of this wild animal, carbon in atmosphere in all possible ways

  • Vehicular pollutions - Combustion of fuels results for CO2
  • Industrial pollution - Combustion of fuels results for CO2
  • Cutting trees for furniture, houses - Trees are major absorber of carbon in atmosphere
  • Fireworks for Showoff - Combustion results for CO2
  • Polluting the oceans - Oceans absorbs carbon heat significantly
  • Uncontrolled killing and fishing of ocean creatures - less the ocean diverse less the carbon ocean absorbs
  • Usage of non-degradable substances like plastics that makes soil infertile, hence the growth of plants is jeopardized
  • Chemical reactions that results for CO2 emission, Just as small as Lighting candles (Solid hydrocarbons) release CO2

Well there are also other several factors that can results for CO2 emissions. But major part of CO2 emissions are released because of human activities. So It's time to kill this wild animal before it starts to kill us all

Now let's Checkout remedies or What can we do to reduce carbon in the air 

  • Adapt for renewable energy sources for vehicular transportation eg: Electric vehicles where energy is available from direct sun with use of solar panels itself and other technologies
  • Usage of large scale solar panels can power many industries for daily process rather than using fossil fuels, Use carbon capture and storage(CCS) techniques for storing and depositing co2 underground in such way that it could not enter atmosphere
  • Stop deforestation and start to plant trees
  • Stop fireworks exhibitions and shows that are only for fun, Is it really worth it rather than your life or your children's ?
  • Stop dumping waste to the sea or river, Try to recycle the waste as much as possible
  • Stop uncontrolled killing and fishing of ocean creatures, especially the whales who have significant role in making oceans more diverse
  • Stop usage of non degradable materials like plastics, it's time to shift to degradable materials for daily convenience
  • Stop usage of chemical fertilizers and try to use organic fertilizers for preserving the soil health for plants to grow
  • Adapting to technologies that absorbs carbon in the air and purifies it to non harmful state
  • Sun is the utmost source of energy that we could adapt for every aspects of life rather than burning fuels, We have reached the stage of solar panels and more technological advancements that could power anything from heater to airplanes

Biodiversity of Earth is An Essential factor for Human existence. More the earth diverse more safer it is to live in it for all species. Human species needs to be adapt in balance with nature and not to become dominant over other species. We have to learn how to work with nature rather than against it. 





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