10 New Inventions in Electronics and Cool Gadgets to Buy 2023 2024 India

 10 New Inventions in Electronics and Cool Gadgets to Buy 2023 2024 India, Greece, Portugal, UAE, Belgium, Germany, Philippines, Bangladesh, France, Netherlands, Spain, USA, UK, Brazil, Austria, Malaysia, Australia, Poland, Kenya, Nepal, Ireland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Switzerland, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Sweden, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Argentina, Ukraine, Russia, Japan

Have you heard of Mini Pocket Size Projector? or Have you heard of 3D Optical Finger Mouse? No, Don't worry keep reading I will show you some cool electronic inventions like these that you might don't know about and also that are buy able!!

Science and Technology are growing each day with new innovative ideas and knowledge, shaping and molding new inventions in the consumer market that we couldn't imagine. Here are some of the cool new electronic inventions and cool gadgets you can buy

1. Mini Portable Projector

mini portable pocket projector india canada poland ireland africa mexico

Have you heard about a projector that can be carried around in pocket? No, Well this portable mini projector can be taken around in your pocket and can be used for presentations, movie entertainment at nights, watching football matches wherever you like with wider theater effect screen. This would be a cool gift you can give it to the business workers for presentation, family members for entertainment, gamers for add-on excitement.

Buy or Know more about Mini Pocket Size Projector --- https://amzn.to/3WkT5mu

2. 3D Optical Finger Mouse

This is designed to wear on the finger just like a ring also function as a mouse feature. It's a better choice for professional designers and gamers to reduce fatigue. Also, it does not require a mouse pad. Just slide on any surface with the movement of your fingers to move the cursor or arrow pointer

Buy or Know more about 3D Optical Finger Mouse --- https://amzn.to/3fpiH0K

3. Folding electronic drum

Folding electronic drum new inventions in electronics

Now practice drums electronically that can be carried away easily with it's folding mini size capabilities. This gadget is a must have electronic for kids to upskill their drumming skills.

Buy or Know more about Portable USB extender and Card Reader  -- https://amzn.to/3Ds7ch6

4. Car Bluetooth Receiver

Car Bluetooth Receiver new inventions in electronics
Now receive calls and take calls easily with this Bluetooth enabled car gadget. Take phone calls with simple push button with this gadget and get audio in the car speakers.
Buy or Know more about it at --- https://amzn.to/3NquXuu

5. Electric Eraser

electric eraser new inventions in electronics

Battery operated electric eraser provides precision pinpoint erasing which is a perfect tool for artist, draftsman, animators and architects for good pencil drawings. It will help better to wipe with the edge of the eraser head with battery powered vibration. That's a cool new invention to gift artists, kids and friends who loves drawing.

Buy or Know more about Electric Eraser ---- https://amzn.to/3sNvUUn

6. Clapping Sound Activated on/off Switch

Clapping Sound Activated onoff Switch new inventions in electronics

Have you heard of device that can be turned on or off by clapping sequences? Well this clapping sound activated device does that job with clapping sequences such as two claps for turning a lamp or three claps for turning on tv etc. That's a cool futuristic gadget for easier home electronic device operation with simple clap sequence rather than going to switch board for turning on the devices.

Buy or Know more about Clapping sound activated On/Off switch --- https://amzn.to/3TVqPp1

7. Mobile App Controlled Spy Camera LED Bulb 

Mobile App Controlled Spy Camera LED Bulb new inventions in electronics

This LED Bulb looks like a normal bulb to others but actually it is also having 360 degree view security camera that also send alert notification to user mobile phone for motion detection. It also stores the video  recording in SD card and also we can monitor live feed from mobile phones with mobile app. We can also switch on and off and adjust light visibility from the app. That's a cool multipurpose electronic gadget you should have.

Buy or Know more about Mobile App Controlled Spy Camera LED Bulb -- https://amzn.to/3DtOC8l

8. Liquid Plastic UV Light Welding Kit 

Now you can fix, fill and seal almost anything with this Liquid Plastic UV light welding Kit within 5 or 10 seconds like your broken eyeglasses, a wine glass, child's toy, damaged strap of leather bags, cord wires etc. All you have to do is apply the Liquid Plastic solution on the surface and weld it with the UV light of the device.

Buy or Know more about Liquid Plastic UV Light Welding kit ---- https://amzn.to/3DqO96N

9. Engraving Pen

engraving pen india usa uk canada ireland denmark portugal argentina srilanka
Have you heard of a pen for engraving your names, marks, signs, designs on any surface including wood, glass, plastic, ornaments etc.? Well, This battery operated pen does that job for making your favorite things with your names, designs or signs. This also helps to protect and identify your belongings easily if others have same identical things.

Buy or Know more about Engraving Pen --- https://amzn.to/3Ufwt4N

10. Scan Body Composition Monitor

Scan Body Composition Monitor new inventions in electronics

This Portable electronic device sends an undetectable electrical current through your skin to make a calculation of total body fat percentage via Bioelectrical impedance analysis. Based on the analysis you can workout and monitor the changes to improve health.

Buy or Know more about it --- https://amzn.to/3zyZh0c
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