20 New Tech Gadgets 2023 2024

 20 New Tech Gadgets 2023 2024 USA, UK, INDIA, Australia Available at Amazon to Buy Greece, Portugal, UAE, Belgium, Germany, Philippines, Bangladesh, France, Netherlands, Spain,  Brazil, Austria, Malaysia, Poland, Kenya, Nepal, Ireland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Switzerland, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Sweden, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Argentina, Ukraine, Russia, Japan

With great development in technology field, new tech gadgets are pumped out each year that are astonishingly creative, joyful, entertaining, user friendly, time saving and helpful for making life easier to human activities. The brilliant development of technological products are some times amazing to watch perform their unique purpose. Amazon has become a digital platform where innovative and technological such products can be displayed for sale for consumers. Finding such unique and interesting new tech gadgets are hard sometimes so i have find out several new tech gadgets of this modern era of 2022 - 2023 with lots of browsing and listed here for you that can benefit for your day to day life.

Modern New Technology Gadgets 2023 2024

1. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane


Smartphone driven this technological gadget is a really cool entertainer for children's and teen to have fun with friends and family. Make your own paper airplane fly with this smartphone-controlled gadget which will definitely bring joy and fun to children. By attaching this motor gadget to your paper airplane makes it fly with longer flight duration around 10minutes.

Also able to control the direction and speed of the paper airplane with smartphone device. This would be a interesting gift for enthusiastic childrens, kids, friends who might like it. This latest new gadget can be given as Christmas gift, Birthday gift to them. 

Buy or Know more about Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane --- https://amzn.to/3TLIIGm

2. Mobile Mini Fan

mobile mini fan india usa uk canada australia ireland philipines ireland

Attach this gadget to the power socket of any OTG type smartphone and relax with cool wind blowing towards you. Play, chat and do other activities in your phone without sweating. Cool best mobile tech gadget providing refreshing breeze with simple plug and play function. Compatible with most of the android devices having harmless rotator blades.
Buy or Know more about Mobile Mini Fan --- https://amzn.to/3SSxKOC

3. Animal, Key, Luggage Bluetooth Tracker Tag

pet key luggage tracker india usa uk ireland australia poland
Losing keys, pet animals, luggage, purse is not a problem now, because this tracking gadgets easily locates the accurate place in your smartphone. Just place this portable tracking tile in these objects for finding them in case of missing. This amazing cool gadget could save lots of time rather than searching for hours and getting frustrated.
bluetooth animal luggage wallet tracker india usa uk ireland south africa

Buy or Know more about Animal, Luggage, Key Bluetooth Tracker Tag  --- https://amzn.to/3C4q05o

4. Solar Powered Fan Cap

solar powered fan cap ireland usa india uk uae canada

This cool tech gadget aimed for outdoor workers that relaxes them with cool solar powered fan breeze. This is an innovative and helpful tech gadget that provides not only shade to face protecting from harmful sunlight rays but also with cool breeze air from the solar-powered fan. It would be a Amazing new tech gadget gift for your known outdoor workers who usually get dull face and get tired after working in the hot sun  
Buy or Know more about Solar Powered Fan Cap --- https://amzn.to/3SVnjKf

5. USB LED Clock Fan

Wherever you are with your USB slot available laptop or Desktop now you can work without sweating with this cool tech gadget you can have cool breeze air with USB slot powered fan cum clock. 

Buy or Know more about USB LED Clock Fan---https://amzn.to/3ylxFv1

6. Portable Hanging Neck Fan

new tech gadgets 2021 2022

Portable fan gadget that cools you down while your hands are busy doing sweaty jobs. This is an amazing tech gadgets for outdoor workers. This would be a perfect birthday gift for your hardworking sweaty friends and family.
Buy or Know more about this--- https://amzn.to/3SFnoC1

7. Bluetooth Stereo Warm Skull Cap / Monkey Cap

Best cool tech gadget for cold climate seasons. Listen to favourite songs while traveling, jogging, camping at cold times with this monkey cap that has a Bluetooth headset which can be paired with your Bluetooth enabled mobile or tablet devices.  Perfect best gift you could give it to your friends, kids, family providing cozy warmth and audio supports.

Buy or Know more about Wireless Stereo Warm Skull Cap/Hat ---- https://amzn.to/3Sznxa6

8. Multipurpose USB Charging Port Laptop Bag

new tech gadgets 2021 2022

Multipurpose Laptop bag has features like USB charging port for mobile phones and other gadgets.  Anti-theft hidden zipper, Night reflective strips, waterproof capability  and charging on the go is very useful for travelers. This is also one of the recommended best office gadget

Buy or Know more about Multipurpose USB Charging Laptop bag --- https://amzn.to/3C9aZzo

9. Wifi Smart Socket Switch Plug

Wifi Smart Plug 10 Best Tech Gadgets to Buy Online

This cool tech gadget helps to control your electric devices from remote places almost anywhere in the world, innovative technology that works on WiFi and voice commands from amazon alexa and google assistant. With SmartLife app on mobiles, we can schedule the power on and off at specified time periods that save time and money. This is recommended home gadget for making life easier. 

Buy or Know more about Wifi Smart Socket Switch Plug --- https://amzn.to/3SFryKi

10. Self Stirring Mug


Now press a button to stir your tea or drinks in this new self stirring mug. Cool innovative tech gadgets for faster solvent dissolving and heat evaporation. That's a Cool tech gift and best kitchen gadget for tea or coffee lovers, friends, family, relatives

Buy or Know more about Self Stirring Mug --- https://amzn.to/3SSgUPO

11. 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker

3 in 1 breakfast maker india ireland usa uk

3 in 1 Breakfast maker is cool tech gadgets that can make morning breakfast at one space saving place that is having an oven, coffee maker and griddle which allows you to enjoy having coffee, toast, and fried eggs all by one. This is a perfect Amazing gadget gift for your relatives, friends, families 

Buy or Know more about 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker ---

12. Wireless Connect USB Flash Drive

wireless usb flash drive india canada usa uk australia ireland poland singapore uae sweden

This cool tech gadget pendrive allows you to do the same storage features wirelessly and also accessible for 3 other phones or tablets at the same time without directly connecting it. 

Buy or Know more about Wireless Connect USB Flash Drive--- https://amzn.to/3SVSPrE

13. Instant 1-Button Electric Wine Aerator w/Spout

Get aerated wine instantly with this electric device which gives 6 times more oxidation for wines and gives luxuriously flavorful taste. It can do it for around 250 bottles of wine with 2 battery

Buy or Know more about Instant 1-Button Electric Wine Aerator w/Spout

14. Starry Sky Night Light Projector

new tech gadgets 2021 2022

This starry night projector lamp is one of the cool tech gadget for children to sleep under stars and to have fun times. 

Buy or Know more about this  --- https://amzn.to/3V5nF2U

15. Floating Bluetooth Speaker


This Levitating Bluetooth speaker is an amazing speaker that floats in air and also acts as speaker which can produce 3D surround effect with smartphone or tablet connected to it via Bluetooth function that can pair automatically. This would be an awesome Amazing Best Gift for friends, family, relatives who loves to hear music and the levitation adds up futuristic touch and interest.

Buy or Know more about Floating Bluetooth Speaker ---


16. Smart Thermometer

smart thermometer new tech gadgets

Portable Smart Thermometer helps to get an accurate temperature reading via your smartphone that automatically remembers your illness history and helps with guidance to take action when symptoms or cause for concern.

This would be a much-appreciated best Cool Gadget Gift for adults having children and for peoples who are much concerned about there health.

Buy or Know more about Smart Thermometer ---

17. Portable Light USB Microscope


Portable Light Digital Microscope has up to x1000 magnification ratio with HD snapshot, video capture features with LED object illumination lights compatible with mac, windows and Linux computers or laptops connected with USB ports.

Buy or Know more about Portable USB Microscope --- https://amzn.to/3CyrZjJ

18. Pebble Mobile Powershare 


Now you can transfer battery charge from one phone to another with cool new tech gadget pebble powershare. Integrated protective circuit prevents no overcharging or discharging. Power can be transferred from one smartphone to another with OTG functionality.

Buy or Know more about Mobile Powersharing--- https://amzn.to/3zlQZXi

19. Solar Exhaust Fan for car

This cool new tech gadget exhaust fan will be your right choice to make the interior of your car cool that is solar powered when you have left the car at parking spaces under the sun

Buy or Know more about this  --- https://amzn.to/3fKbfxd

20 . Sunglasses with Bluetooth Headset

sunglasses with bluetooth headset india usa uk mexico south africa australia germany uae

This sunglass allows you connect and call, listen to music with Bluetooth paired mobile devices with adjustable ear headsets for comfortability, rechargeable battery for longer usage. Protecting eyes from harmful rays along with entertaining music, taking calls that would be so Cool thing to have 

Buy or Know more about Sunglasses with Bluetooth Headset --- https://amzn.to/3fFtHHc

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